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For several years now we have been distributing spareparts for many different industries. For example trucks, automobiles, busses, agricultural machines, fork lifts and many others.

Through our nationwide network of vehicles, we are able to manage a nationwide distribution of shipments, which arrive at our depot workdays at 07.00 hours at the latest.

Delivery is secured on the same day, according to our timetable, which allows delivery before 12.00 hours - 14.00 hours at the latest for the outer destinations (not including islands that are not connected to the mainland).

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​did you know...

...everything is hand-sorted at our depot. This makes it possible for us to handled everything from letters, big cartons, exhausts, windows to engines without problems - or just as important - without damages.​


Ådalen 9, DK-6600 Vejen​

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​Phone: ​+45 75 588 588​