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In 2012 Arno Kretschmann chooses to step down as CEO. He is succeeded by André Lund Kretschmann.

In 2013 we introduce track and trace for all our shipments.

In 2014 our homepage receives yet another redesign, this time with access to track and trace, and online-booking facilities.

Starting 2015 we gain access to more of the eastern european countries through our austrian partner Englmayer. We are now able to deliver in Slovenia, Slovakia og Kroatia.

In the summer of 2017 we once again change our adress. Our headquarter is now at Ådalen 9, Vejen. With even more space, we now have everything under one roof.

In 2018 Susanne Rolschau is hired as our new customerservice-employee.

Our customers in these years are amongst many others: MAN, Bosch, DAF, Same DeutzFahr, Sparex , Yamaha og Evobus.


Jet Services Deutschland NVS GmbH is mergered with NET GmbH under the new common name In-Night Express GmbH & Co. KG. In-Night Express chooses to withdraw from EES with the passing of the year, and at the same time terminate the partnership with several of its partners, amongst these Intersped ApS. The termination is carried out with very short notice. EES is shut down by the remaining partners.

At the beginning of 2002 a new partnership is formed with NIGHT STAR EXPRESS GmbH, which is a german company, owned by several major shipping companies, and which is specialized in nationwide night-express-deliveries. Intersped ApS becomes exclusive partner in Denmark. We can now offer our customers the same service to and from Germany, as we did with our former partner.

A partnership is formed with the german Courier-network KEP AG in 2003, which gives us the opportunity to launch Daytime-express-service for Germany at first, and later several European countries.
​An expressproduct for small shipments is launched under the name "Express-pack".

Groupage-service to and from Germany is launched as a suplementary service to our in-night-express-service.

2005 the contents of our website receive a major update.

In 2006 and 2007 our palet of countries in Europe to which we can deliver is broadend, e.g. with the addition of Hungary and Poland.

In 2008 we are concentrating on expanding our business with distribution of fresh horse seemen to and from Denmark. A business which we are further developing with our partner in Germany Night Star Express.

In 2009 we wave goodbye to Vestergyden 19 in St. Andst - our adress through 18 years. We move into new and more modern facilities in Vejen. Among other things our total warehouse-space is doubled, not to mention a quadroupling of the number of gates.

Also we are now situated close to the motorway.

Our customers in these years were amongst others: Mitsubishi, MAN, Bosch, DAF, Deutz-Fahr, Iveco and EvoBus


Intersped ApS is founded on July 1st, 1990 by forwarders Arno Kretschmann and Frederik Bruun.

Beginning in a small office, situated on Park Allé in Vejen, these should soon turn out to be insufficient. 1991 the company is relocated to larger offices with storage facilities, situated in St. Andst near Vejen.

From the beginning a partnership is formed with the privately owned night-express-company NVS Kierdorf GmbH, which operates a nationwide night-express-service in Germany. Intersped ApS becomes exclusive partner in Denmark. We are now able to offer our customers overnight-express-service to and from Germany.

Together with a large number of privatly owned express-companies i Europe, the express-network EUROPEAN EXPRESS SYSTEM (EES) is formed. This enables us to offer our customers overnight-express-service to and from most countries in Europe.

With the beginning of the Inner Market in the EU in 1993 things really starts to pick up speed, and our number of shipments is rising rapidly.

This means that from a humble beginning with only 2 vehicles distributing few shipments, in 1995 we now proudly operate a nationwide network of aprox. 10 vehicles.

Intersped ApS hires André Lund Kretschmann who becomes in charge of export and IT.

In 1997 the webadress marks our arrival on the internet.

In the beginning of 1998 our german partner NVS Kierdorf GmbH is sold and renamed into "Jet Services Deutschland NVS GmbH". At the end of the year Jet Services Deutschland NVS GmbH is sold again - to the TNT Post Group in the Netherlands. A major restructuring of the company is begun. For the time being this seems to have no consequences for the partnership with Intersped ApS or the EES-network.

Our customers in these years were amongst others:
Iveco, John Deere, Deutz, MAN, Bosch, Mercedes and FIAT.

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