We deliver most things that fit within our weight- and measurement limits

What do we carry..​

...is maybe more a question of what we DON'T carry!

Thus we mainly carry spareparts for the branches: automotive, autoelektro, entrepeneurmachines, forklifts, gardenmachines, cranes, aircondition, agriculture machines, trucks, motorbikes, pumps, ships among others.

However we do carry a lot of other things - big as well as small, as long as they do not exceed our limits for measure and weight.

What we do NOT carry, is as follows:

  • Dangerous goods (we DO carry dangerous goods (LQ) not exceeding 1000 pts)
  • Live animals
  • Food
  • Clothes and other consumerproducts
  • Hi-Tech
  • Computer-equipment
  • Refrigirated goods
  • Shipments to/from private persons.
  • COD shipments
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